b.supreme was established in 1998 and was named Independance until 2017

b.supreme is a dynamic dance development resource based in Brixton, which promotes access, encourages innovation and creates opportunities for young women to engage in the arts. Our vision is based on the creative, inspirational and transforming potential of arts participation.

In 2006 b.supreme founded a festival dedicated to supporting the development of women within the hip hop dance genre. Since then, our focus has been on creating inspiring projects to engage young women in the arts as well as support aspiring artists to reach their goals and potential.

We do this by developing exciting outreach projects in schools and community centres which centre around educating girls 14-24 in finding fun ways to keep active via the means of hip hop dance, and also create pathways to professional artist engagement, performance projects and often paid work. Alongside this, we continue to support established female artists working in the arts.

If you would like to donate our ongoing outreach projects developing engagement in schools and community centres promoting the benefits of hiphop dance, please click the button below: